The Social Media Backlash – Will You Make the Cut?

In the post What Will You Do About The Age Of Anti-Social Media? at Social Media Explorer, Ilana Rabinowitz writes about the coming backlash against social media evidenced by the growing push back against digital information overload. The trend has begun; people are recognizing the drawbacks to instantaneous and constant connectivity and are turning off (or tuning out) their smartphones during dinner, family outings, even (gasp!) for the entire weekend.

Don’t get me wrong – social media is here to stay – but a pendulum swing back to a more balanced approach to digital connectivity may be underway.

If consumers are becoming more selective about how they spend their online time and your nonprofit uses digital media for the majority of your marketing, messaging and mobilization you better learn to stand out amongst the crowd.  To do so, as Ms. Rabinowitz points out, is to consistently offer stellar content.  The importance of quality content is not a new idea – but it is a point worth repeating as it is often lost, or at least misplaced,  in the fast-moving Twit-book-dIn realm and the race for fans, followers and, yes, those Likes.

Curious about the state of your content?

  • Does your organization’s web page provide timely information about key issues and advocacy opportunities relevant to your mission, the population you serve and the community?
  • Do you have a blog where in-house and guest bloggers share their stories, insights and inspiration with the public?
  • Do you only ASK and never show? Do you post as many slide-shows, videos and success stories as asks for sponsorships, donations or other solicitations?

Already practicing the creation and dissemination of quality content – kudos! How do you keep your social media content fresh, unique and interesting?