The 2011-12 Pennsylvania Budget and Your Nonprofit

A thorough postmortem of the 2011-12 budget has been released by the nonpartisan Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.  A breakdown of the budget items with expert analysis is available in brief, chart and report form.

Highlights from the finalized budget that might have an impact on human and social service nonprofits:

  • Reductions in funding to homeless services, shelters and housing programs.
  • Funds to school districts were reduced or eliminated (such as the charter school reimbursements). Grades pre-kindergarten through twelve experienced a 586 million dollar decease in spending.
  • Both job training programs (one cut by 48 percent) and child care related to welfare-to-work programs for mothers (9 percent) had their funding decreased.
  • Funding for services for people with disabilities was reduced by 8.5 million dollars.
  • The funding line for county-based behavioral health managed care programs was not reduced in the Governor’s 2011-12 budget.
  • Although funding for law enforcement and corrections was increased, the grant for the Pennsylvania Commission of Crime and Delinquency was reduced by 6 percent.

You will find timely news and excellent analysis on the state’s policy and budget issues at the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center – a valuable site to bookmark!.