Still Scared of Social Media?



From Noise to Signal   (embed code wasn’t taking – here is the link to the original)


What is it about transparency that sounds so great in theory and gets all the heads nodding in strategy sessions but can make a nonprofit executive break out into a cold sweat as the launch or go-live date nears?  Is your social media presence suffering because of fear – fear of challenge,  of embarrassment, of attracting your very own internet troll?

Colleen Dilenschneider at the Know Your Own Bone blog soothes some of the anxiety felt by nonprofits around fully engaging in social media and adopting an open communications style with data and real-life examples in her post Trust your Audience: Data Debunks Nonprofit Social Media Fears.  When you hide your organization from online interactions you lose the ability to receive and discuss feedback,  build a reputation as an expert in your service area, and connect with those for whom social media is a primary source of information.

How did your organization face its fear of transparency, or has it?