The Role of the Nonprofit Board: Rubber Stamp or Responsible Governance?

Some thoughts on expectations versus performance in working with (and for) nonprofit boards:

Does your nonprofit’s board measure up or fizzle out when it comes to issues of vision, development and governance? Davis Simms at the Harvard Business Review website explains why the board is only as good as its leadership and how homework still matters after high school.

Pamela Grow suggests how to (eventually) reach the nirvana of a board that knows when to leave fundraising details to professionals and when to lend their expertise and connections.

Top Nonprofit Leaders and Leading Your Organization’s Social Media Strategy

The NonProfit Times announces the 50 most influential executives in the nonprofit sector over the past year, with an emphasis on leaders in technology.

Philanthropy 411 has an excellent resource of a post listing 20 social media blogs, sites and guides on everything you wanted to know about navigating the ever-changing world of social media.

Leadership Lessons from the Abbey

Over at the Washington Post’s website, Stephen Martin writes about the five leadership secrets of Trappist monks at the On Leadership page. Trappist monks have survived and thrived as self-supporting communities for a thousand years through focus, listening, openness, humility and thoughtful reinvention of their businesses and products.

In an age of instantaneous and nearly unlimited information and communication, where the number of fans or friends seemingly equates with value, online clicks can win funding and it sometimes feels like a game of he or she who tweets loudest and longest wins – there are leadership lessons to be had from the contemplative life.

There’s also some fantastic chocolate-covered-fruitcake.