Data Wrangling and Social Media Resources

It’s Monday, and while it may only be due to the jolt of the caffeine kicking in – I am pledging to make this an incredibly productive week. Here are links that may help you do the same:

  • Mashable’s Zachary Sniderman lists 33 new social media resources that we might have missed including apps galore, articles on job hunting, lists of productivity tips (check) and a new perspective on the women in technology debate. I can attest that it was faster than playing catch-up in Google Reader. Look, I’m more productive already!

So You Want to Be an Evaluation Consultant?

Interested in hanging out your own shingle? Yesterday’s post, Judah Viola on Building Capacity to Succeed as an Independent Consultant at AEA 365, the American Evaluation Association’s tip-a-day blog for and by evaluators discusses the path to building a consulting business.

In addition to a strong academic background (training in intermediate to advanced research methods is often a prerequisite to evaluation work), practical evaluation experience and a presence in a professional network can make the transition to independent consultant a smoother one.

Additional tips and a list of resources are included in the post by Judah Viola.

Considering a Graduate Degree in Nonprofit Work?

Heather Carpenter at the blog Nonprofit Leadership 601 has posted a thorough, highly informative overview of various graduate programs and corresponding degrees that are focused on the nonprofit arena.

The post, Setting the Record Straight About Nonprofit-Focused Graduate Degrees, reviews the type of degree that may be best for your career goals (executive leadership, policy work, direct service) and provides a table of over 50 nonprofit-focused programs across the country. A fantastic resource and a great blog!